Need of Air6

For Your Well Being

Each cylinder of Air6 is provides you vitality, freshness & longevity. It helps you cope with stress caused because of smog & pollution

Fight Breathlessness

Air6 helps you fight Asthma & C.O.P.D. Sleep Apnea & Migraine Hypoxia. It fights strongly against Hypoxemia Influenza, Emphysema O.H.S. and Others respiratory problems

Air Pollution

The Air6 helps you fight air pollution. This allows you to have a fresh air everytime you come from a polluted streets or industrial area.

Easy to Carry

The Air6 oxycylinder is easy to carry. It's light weight, not fragile and can be carried easily in handbags, office bags and compact bags

Hear it from Our Customers

Oxygen for Medical Conditions

Air6 is a premium product manufactured under approved drug licenses and SOP as per the most recent Indian pharmacopeia guidelines (I.P. 2014).

Our Air6 oxygen cylinder is good for patients because it is simple to hold and use. The oxygen can is light-weight and easy to carry. Our portable oxygen is packaged in a can containing 99% pure medical grade oxygen with several inhalations.

mountain climber

Oxygen for High Altitudes

Oxygen Cylinders for high altitude are necessary since of oxygen drops significantly making it harder to breathe. Still, you can choose adventure sports and revel in biking, skiing, boarding and hiking in the mountains.

Air6 offers pure enriched oxygen that gives you with extra oxygen to get over the low level of oxygen in the mountains. Just inhale 4-5 breaths of the 99% pure oxygen in a can once you start to ascend the mountains and it’ll eliminate the negative effects of the climb. After completing the climb, again take the 4-5 inhalations of the portable canned oxygen and you’ll not lose the zest for experiencing the mountaintop experience. Adventure tourists use Air6 oxygen can for maximising the thrills of the high altitude.

Oxygen for Increasing Pollution Levels

Pollution has become a reason for concern because it causes several pre-mature deaths each year. in line with the recently released State of the global Air 2017, the particulate (PM2.5)—the most hazardous element of air pollution—caused around 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide. Ozone and particle poses a good threat to our health. Though ozonosphere is fine for our health but ozone pollution happens to be a leading reason for premature deaths everywhere around the world . Particle and ozone pollution both are leading to many deaths each year.

sports and fitness

Oxygen for Sports and Fitness

Whether you’re an athlete or an enthusiast for intense workouts, you would like extra supply of oxygen for attaining your peak performance level.

Air6 sports oxygen is considered the most effective tool for pushing the limits of your physical and mental boundaries. Air6 oxygen can for sport will assist you to enhance your muscle strength and stamina besides enabling you to recover instantly from fatigue and soreness. Air6’s oxygen for health is good for generating more energy in your body, enabling you to attain peak performance in the gym or in any sort of athletic type of activity. Breathing a couple of inhalations from the portable oxygen can helps in reducing stress and in enhancing cognitive performance.

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